Our Story

Our Story

Just Homes’ proprietor, Mrs Mary Eales, held various senior posts within the NHS before making the decision to form Just Homes in 1991.

Following the closure of a large institution where Mary worked, she wanted to provide an opportunity for three service users with learning disabilities, who required some positive behavioural support, the opportunity to live in the community. She purchased a four-bedroomed bungalow in New Hill (Reading area) where they could live and be supported; wanting it to simply be their home, ‘Just Homes’ was born.

As part of the resettlement in the area, Just Homes was overseen by the Thames and Chiltern Trust (now Affinity Trust). In 1993 as the Trust moved on to develop resettlement in Surrey, Mary was invited to take over Pymhurst, a large six-bedroom home in the heart of Guildford and then Douglas Close - a three-bedroom bungalow in the Jacobs Well area.

This was soon followed by Fenton Lodge, another small home in Ash Green and it was in this area, where she eventually purchased Shandon to provide a home to four ladies leaving long-stay hospital who were friends and very much wanted to stay and live together.

Just Homes is just as committed to providing excellent care and support today, as it was when it was first founded.