Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Core values are at the heart of what the staff teams do, behaviour’s which live the core values will be reinforced whilst those that contradict them will be challenged –

Staff teams will know these values and behaviours and use them to govern their decisions and actions.

  1. All service users shall live in a clean homely and safe environment and be treated with respect dignity and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities
  2. That care service and support be delivered in a responsive way with flexibility and in a non-discriminatory way while respecting and championing each service user’s right to independence privacy dignity and fulfilment.
  3. Service users’ needs and values are respected in all matters of equality and diversity
  4. To improve quality of life by providing personal care and practical assistance with essential or useful tasks with the ultimate goal of supporting people to live in the community .
  5. To safeguard all service users and staff from all elements of abuse and poor practise
  6. To value the dignity and worth of each person by treating each service user in a compassionate and respectful way that is mindful of individual differences, cultural norms and ethnic diversity.
  7. Staff working for the organisation must always act in trustworthy ways. They must maintain a continual awareness of just Homes core values and mission, their profession’s values and their individual ethical standards.

Our Staff Teams

Each home is run by long serving qualified and experienced Home Managers.  Individual Managers have the support of Deputy or Senior staff  experienced team members who are generally long term in situ.


Our Mission

Just Homes is committed to providing care and support for people with learning disabilities to a standard of excellence where they are the centre of all that we do.

We strive to continuously improve, be reflective and responsive of practice and accountable to the people we humbly support.


Our Core Values

  1. The people we serve are at the heart of what we do: My Life, My Support -My Choice- Person centered values are the guiding principles that help to put the interests of the individual receiving care and support at the heart and center of everything we do. Elements of person-centered care include personhood, knowing the person, being responsive to their needs and guided by their values -We are committed to maximizing people’s choice and autonomy and seeking to understand their individual priorities, needs abilities and limits.
  2. Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We will be honest, transparent fair and ethical in everything we do- We will take what others say seriously. We will be transparent and open about what we can or cannot do - Our actions will be consistent with our words.
  3. Compassionate and kind: Compassion and kindness is a desire to help others. It is the desire to do good things and to bring happiness to people.  It is the cornerstone of good relationships that are courteous and respectful. Compassion and kindness is central to the care we provide and we will respond with humanity to each person’s difficulties, distress, anxiety or need.
  4. Respectful: Respect in our relationships builds feelings of trust, safety and wellbeing and helps us to express ourselves.We are committed to mindful based practice with the intentional culture of respect at all times. We will show consideration for people’s privacy, their physical space and belongings and respect for different viewpoints, philosophies, physical ability, beliefs and personality-We understand that courteous and respectful communion is central to our care provision support - we recognise that sometimes nonverbal cues and just the tone of voice can communicate more than our actual words. In other words -people can interpret our communication through much more than just the words we say.
  5. Commitment to quality care and continuous improvement: Just Homes aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the provision of high-quality care that is safe, caring effective and focused on people’s experience. We will continuously strive to learn and improve - We will monitor and assess our performance, learning from success and setbacks. We will strive to improve on what we do through change and innovation when needed.  We will work in partnership and collaboration through all the social and healthcare agencies in our area.